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Woman Like Me Little Mix

Boston Conservatory at Berklee 2019 Musical Theater Showcase

Dancers (left to right): Olivia Hytha, Emily Matt, Autumn Sheffy, Amanda Levy

Choreography: Aaron Tolson

Advanced Choreography


Advanced Choreography

Man Eater Nellie Furtado

Choreographer's Showcase 2018

The Boston Conservatory

Dancers: Vincent Andaloro, Olivia Schettino, Max DeSantis, Amanda Levy

Dancer: Emily Matt

Beginner Choreography

Beginner Choreography  -    Musical Theater

Dancer: Erica Brandell

Intermediate Choreography

Intermediate Choreography  -    Musical Theater/Jazz

Dancer: Emily Matt

Baby (You've Got What it Takes) - Michale Buble

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